Facts for kids: 75 fantastic facts for kids that will blow their mind


Of the 10, Chinese tended to be the most negative. Per the BBC, the Darien Gap was once driven through in 1960. The expedition took five 200 Fun Facts That You will Love To Know at an average pace of 200 meters per hour, so yeah…

What are 5 facts about life?

  • Don't educate your children to be rich.
  • Eat your food as your medicines.
  • The one who loves you will never leave you for another, because even if there are 100 reasons to give up, he or she will find one reason to hold on.
  • There is a big difference between a human being and being human.

This has given rise to the term “Tiffany effect”, where something is considered much more modern than it actually is. The Prague Town Hall Clock, which went into operation in 1410, is the oldest still functioning astronomical clock in the world. In addition to the time, the clock also shows astronomical correlations, such as the position of the moon in relation to Earth.

There is a city in Oregon called Boring.

During this experiment, he was subject to 46.2 times the force of gravity. To this date, this is the highest acceleration a person has ever voluntarily withstood. They are constantly looking for new things to learn about the world around them. Not only are fun facts for kids a great way to introduce children to new things, but they are also incredibly interesting themselves! Scientists have done a lot of research on facts, so you can rest assured that your young ones will be learning a lot in a fun way.

However, due to America’s size, geographical diversity, and the comparable cost of traveling internationally, most Americans travel domestically more than abroad. After setting sail in 2022, the Wonder of the Seas officially became the largest cruise ship ever constructed, per Royal Caribbean. The mega-ship is nearly 1,200 feet long, which is a bit under four football fields, and features 18 total ship decks. You can cross the Rhine River and through the valleys of the Appenzell Alps by hiking the Liechtenstein Trail, according to Adventure.com.

The 1996 film called Scream increased the usage of caller IDs in the U.S.

The word mermaid is thought to come from the Old English word “mere,” meaning “sea,” and the Old English word “maid,” meaning “woman”. Mermaids are said to have originated in medieval times. Neptune is named after the Roman god of the sea.

  • Before, ketchup was made with a mix of fish and mushrooms.
  • During the first 5 months of its release, damages over $25.5 million had occurred.
  • People have a love-hate relationship with cats.
  • From the metropolitan charm of Paris to the elegance and natural beauty of the French Riviera, the appeal of visiting France is well warranted.
  • The mad hatter from “Alice in Wonderland” is based on the fact that in the 18th century hatmakers often suffered from mental illnesses.
  • When asked, most folks would guess that London’s famous Tower Bridge is older the Brooklyn Bridge but that’s not the case.

Babies born on weekends in December is also the least common. Russians believe that eating ice cream will keep you warm. In Ancient Egypt, people soothed their toothaches by putting a dead mouse in their mouth.